im bored lol- tell some of ur favorite things!

d0umas_anDmiTsurIs_bUtt3rfly_ 3/8/2023 10:02 am 810

favorite food?
mine: taco pasta

favorite drink?
mine: tea & mtn dew

favorite snack?
mine: chips + salsa & chocolate

favorite color(s)?
mine: purple, black, red, pink, yellow, & green

favorite show(s)?
mine: Supernatural & TOH

favorite film(s)/movie(s)?
mine: The Outsiders

favorite book(s)?
mine: Liveta

favorite hobby?
mine: reading & painting

favorite animal(s)?
mine: cats, axolotls, sea bunnies, wolves, birds, snakes, ferrets, owls, rats, foxes, huskies, german shepards, austrailian shepards, pitbulls, froggs, moths, & deers

favorite game(s)?
mine: FNaF, BATIM, & gacha

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Mar 8, 2023 11:38 am

favorite food?

tteokbokki, ginataang bilo-bilo, and like,,,bread

favorite drink?

mango loco monster

favorite snack?


favorite color(s)?
sage green, lilac, cool toned browns

favorite show(s)?
bojack horseman

favorite film(s)/movie(s)?
the lighthouse, lost in translation, juno, mystery train, saw (if you like the lighthouse and are seeing this interact i beg you interact)

favorite book(s)?
the perks of being a wallflower, the bell jar, the handmaids tale, carrie

favorite hobby?
writing poetry

favorite animal(s)?
bumble bees

favorite game(s)?
night in the woods, what remains of edith finch

Mar 8, 2023 11:10 am

fav food?

I have to say blacked salmon or french fires!!

Fav drink?

Ultra sunset monster!

Fav snack?

Chips lol

Fav color?

Neons or greens!!

Fav show?

Bee and puppy cat or invader zim

Fav film/movie?

The lion king or cheesy horror movies

Fav Book?

Percy Jackson series, Warrior cats, and cats in the louvre

Fav hobby?

Writing and drawing

Fav animal?

Wolfs, bobcats, lynx, foxes, cats, dogs, bats, frogs, all rodents, raccoons

Fav Game?

NITW, beacon pines, Minecraft, roblox, and gacha club


Mar 8, 2023 11:03 am

Favorite color: blue

Favorite shows: Hey Arnold and Komi can’t communicate

Favorite animals: wolves and cats

Favorite games: taiko no tatsujin and cooking mama

Favorite hobbies: perler beads and drawing

I don’t have a lot of favorite things