fnaf talk

Raybow_Mushroom 3/8/2023 01:24 pm 151

Heyooo i need to be in more fnaf convos so i can hyperfixate on it morebig grin

Anything and everything fnaf chat in this thread!!

I wanna hear ideas, ocs, theories, all that jazzdance

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Mar 19, 2023 1:57 pm

me me me also u trying to tell me were u got ur pfp.. it looks so jrifnjtfme

Mar 15, 2023 3:03 pm

fnaf at freddie

Mar 15, 2023 12:07 pm


I CANT WAIT FOR THE MOVIE!!!! its crazy that its actually happening now since its been years of producers taking no interest in it BUT NOW BLUMHOUSE IS MAKING IT!!!!

also my favorite game is definitely sister location, but all the games are awesome (sb is debatable lol) i think its my fav because it has my favorite characters in it. i havent even finished it tho lmao, i cant get past the part where the minireenas are climbing into the suit. maybe its bc i play it on the switch.

security breach is hard too T_T i bought it like 6 months ago and havent made it passed the daycare part angry maybe its just because im really bad at vidoe games lol

Mar 10, 2023 7:09 pm

@Glitchy_XDD: ive heard mixed things of fnaf 2 and def doesnt feel like a fnaf game bu tyknow. i used to be obseessed with lolbit but now its sun/moon haha. im working on a fnaf oc whos gonna be named Biscuit. they are a sea urchin lol. I found fnaf before i found markiplier so idk where i found out about it, but it was around 2014 too!

Mar 10, 2023 1:40 pm

I have been loving fnaf since 2014 (so I was 5/6) tw for caps 2

I watched my fav YouTubers at the ihascupquake, and markpiler (I still love him) play fnaf. And I loved it!

Mt fav game I have to say is the fourth one. It got me the most interested and I loved the characters and the game idea!! I played only fnaf 1,2, 3 & fnaf VR, though, I beat them all. My fav character is withered bonnie, and my least fav game is a security breach. I hated it. The storyline didn't make any sense. the game & code was completely broken, and I hated it was an open-world map, it removed all the fear, and how the first game was. Then the other games too. Sister location I think did better than the security breach did. AND WHY DID WILLIAM COME BACKibuefwbuywe

really the only thing I liked about it was the characters. But even then I think it was weird how the game was modern. I could go on about how much I hate it. But, I respect your opinion if you like it 2! Everyone has different tastes and opinions! rainbowsmile

I used to have this bunny oc that was green and blue, named mint, they where a scrap, so they didn't have a child in them or anything. i used them in a roleplay once 2

Mar 10, 2023 1:24 pm

@Strawberry_BroStrider: ooo nice! I dont usually see people really into fnaf world so its great seeing a change lol. lolbit used ti be my fav till sun/moon came round but lolbit is stil in my favs. and yea, i wish sister location was longer haha

Mar 8, 2023 2:38 pm

i fucking love fnaf

my favorite game is fnaf world! i got really far into it but got stuck in one of those glitch areas. but it's my favorite game! it has lolbit in it. which is my favorite character.

my favorite of the "main" games are either pizza simulator or help wanted. with help wanted, i don't usually like vr games that much but a lot of the gameplay is very amusing to me for some reason so watching playthroughs of it is oddly comforting. with pizza sim, i love the 3 part mechanics of each day. i mean i suck ASS at both the night tasks and salvaging, genuinely no clue how people manage to sense all the little sound cues much less having decent reaction time, but the juxtaposition of the day and night creates a lot of tension and is very pleasing to me. i also love the humor in the game, with helpy reading all the lawsuits and the jar of pickles and fucking *lefty* (my beloved)

security breach is tough for me. i love the characters and ive been aching for an open-world fnaf game since sister location gave me a taste of it (i enjoyed sister location a lot, but i almost wish it were longer. i really enjoyed the story aspects of that game). but it's not all that scary and it didn't feel finished at all. i almost feel like the large, open world map was too ambitious for the team and im left to wonder how it could be made better. with game development technology getting bigger and more ambitious i feel the more devs should be stepping back a bit and taking advantage of strategies used by older games that had less technology, because limiting yourself in the right ways can make your game much more stable. but that's just a theory (a game(development) theory)