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Thinking bout leaving this website /neg

Monday Oct 30, 2023, 3:41 PM




Last online: 12-01-2023 1:10pm
  • Gender: Transgender (FTM) / Demiboy / Boyflux / Voidpunk (He/him/they/them/ze/zir)
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HIYA! My name is Trever, Glitchy, Or Koda! (Use names interchangeably please!)

(My DMS is closed unless it is something important or we have been talking already.)

·:*¨༺ ♱✮♱ ༻¨*:·

>(Info about me!): Level 13, INFP Personally type, omnisexual, trans-(ftm), I want to be a Marine biologist, artist or writer when older, an artist from 2019, Psychological and Spiritual therian / Polytherian / Polyotherkin (ask if you want 2 know my types) Pagan, aspiring witch, Age regressor, Chaotic neutral, Possibly do have autism and ADHD. Cant get diagnoses because of my parents

>(Interests!): Art, writing, drawing, sketching, coding, kandi, music, Collecting things, toys, Plusies, making music, arts in crafts, making videos, editing, crowcore, goblin core, weirdcore/dreamcore, vampirecore, emo, mall goth, scene, cosplaying, filmmaking, D&D, greek & Roman mythology, reading (Prefer fantasy/fiction over nonfiction), Staking boarding, and internet culture!

>(shows, books I like etc!): Warrior cats, Minecraft, Percy Jackson. NITW, fnaf, MLP, Lps, furbys, Invader zim, Omori, Beanie Boo Collecters, FMA/B, Lego ninjago, Monkie kid, Black clover, Dr. Stone, ROTTMNT, Sander sides, DC, The magnus archives, Camp camp, Sonic, South park. Welcome to night vale, Adventure time, Sparkle care hospital & more!

>(Hyperfixations!):pjsekai & drawing X3

>(DNI: basic dni, & inappropriate topics (Ex, sexual content, harassment etc)

>Friending me!, Send me a message please!!, you don't need to use tone tags unless you want to (But it would be helpful for me), and no need to translate for typing quirks :) I would love to chat with you 2! so feel free to send me a DM! I also say "bro" & "man" As a gender neutral term, just tell me you don't like being called that and Ill stopz I also curse, a lot, so if your uncomfy w/ that 2 I wont w/ u! though Im kinda awkward at first, so haha-

>I would love 2 know if you made any of my patterns! its means a lot that you guys like my patterns! ^^ all you have to do is tell me with a dm, maybe even send me a image!!

·:*¨༺ ♱✮♱ ༻¨*:·

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