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Friends are just a waste of time.

Thursday Aug 17, 2023, 11:10 AM




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  • Gender: girl (she/her)
  • Hell, Pain, Suffering
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  • I love drawing, making videos, playing with my loyal bff and boyfriend and making music in my free time.
  • Hello! My name is Christiana. You can also call me Galaxy_Wolf.
  • My fav animals are wolves.
  • I looooveeeee animals
  • Birthday: June 1st
  • Scared of a lot of people in one place.
  • Has trust issues
  • Cries a lot
  • Sensitive
  • makes music
  • Traumatized
  • After the pain I'm having, I'm NEVER making or having friends again.
  • Listens to melanie martinez and sad songs.
  • Plays instruments
  • U can follow me/text me or join me in roblox. Just follow! user: unicornpinguien (galaxy_wolf)

Told me u love me? Well, u treat me like I'm never there. U said the cruelest words, and they broke me cause I tried to fake I didn't by putting a smile. Why was it so hard to see? It's really hard for me to say just how I feel, I'm scared that I'll be thrown away like a banana peel. Harsh words if I do something wrong, I'm just like u and you're like me. So why did u do this and gave me pain I'm struggleling to escape but I can't?

Love is what people have for u. There are a lot of different love types. Interest love, people who love u for money, looks or intelligence. The most painful one ever... fake love, when people pretend they love u. They only show up to ruin ur life, give u more insecurities and to make u feel pain. And will leave u in the dark when u have a problem or you're alone. Lastly, real love. When people support u and make u feel better. I only have 2 in my life mentioned earlier I love them. I got all 3... I'm tired of being a toy.

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