Is BeadTin a trustworthy site?

elythesilly 9/19/2022 06:11 pm 1624

The beads on the site look really cool but I don’t want to waste money and get scammed. I don’t really order anything online so I want to be careful. I also might recommend the site to family members for birthday present ideas.
also how much is shipping in the us? the beads by themselves are in my price range but idk about shipping costs

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Sep 19, 2022 6:26 pm

I've gotten two orders from them with no issue, both were over the shipping minimum so I got free shipping. I would recommend looking at other people's orders or reviews because sometimes the colors in the thumbnail don't match up with reality (specifically reds and purples).

Also, see if you can get the bead boxes elsewhere because they are slightly above average price on beadtin. A box of 2300 beads can sell for as little as $12 on Amazon or at Walmart.

Sep 19, 2022 7:14 pm

I've ordered from them a few times. No noteworthy problems(2nd spool of string I got was different from the 1st being paper and resting tighter when weaved)with only a few broken beads and generally arrived within a timely manner. Shipping is decently priced at about 6-7% in the US iirc. Good if your looking for a specific color for a project, but unless there's a finish or color you need you can find a good spread of colors at most irl supermarkets for cheaper without the waiting.

Sep 19, 2022 8:22 pm

Very much so, they've been my primary source of beads for a year now as I've found them to have better variety and ultimately cheaper for bulk purchases than my local craft stores, and a lot of people in the kandi community (in the US at least, I'm not sure if beadtin is as popular internationally bc shipping ) seem to use them, but always check my word on it. thumbsupI generally use them for specific colors and types of beads that I cannot find in my local craftstore, which I use instead to get bulk of more basic colors such as black and white.

I'd say the best thing they've got going on is their 1 dollar bead section for more unique beads, and to *always* check the size of the beads. This may sound pointless to say but first time I've purchased from them I failed to check and I bought 6.5 mm beads instead of the standard 9mm (although I've found 6.5 mm beads to be quite delightful to work with as well).

Their shipping can be a bit much, I've experimented to see what the absolute minimum was, by checking the shipping approximate for a 1 dollar pack of beads, which was .11 pounds and 3.99 to deliver to where I live, which is a bit farther up the East coast than where Beadtin is located. The most recent, and largest order I've had was nearly 4 pounds, and was about 8-9 dollars total to ship to me (I use the cheapest option, ofc, which takes several days to come to me, but still ouch), so given both your monetary situation and your geographical situation, this will either make things seem better or worse for you. If you by the off chance though happen to live within a reasonable distance of Beadtin's location, I'm sure you can completely offset the shipping by doing instore pickup, but that's a slim chance. Please forgive me for my prattling!

Also forgot to mention: I *think* Beadtin has an Amazon store as well, so if you happen to find yourself in possession of an Amazon gift card, you'd know where to look, especially for more unique beads.

Sep 20, 2022 9:22 am

heck yeah! I love beadtin I get my beads from them 99% of the time

Sep 20, 2022 10:42 am

ive gotten their beads through amazon and they are very good thumbsupI dont rlly know specifics but theres nothing that was bad about them that stuck out to me :3

Mar 14, 2024 9:06 am

Beadtin is great until you need customer service. Their customer service is terrible, they banned me from buying with them just because I had an issue with the order and they didn't want to fix it. Check out their 1 star reviews on google, all of them are about the horrible customer service.

Mar 14, 2024 11:28 am

their shipping to europe is overpriced as hell

Mar 14, 2024 12:01 pm

Im in the us and used em a few times and I think they are pretty good! Shipping was decent from what I remember (but apparently it's bad in other places). Also I believe moodkandi has a discount code so check their youtube channel (or they used to have one)

I will say unless you are looking for specific colors or shape beads, Amazon is probably a better place skull

Mar 16, 2024 8:59 am

BeadTin is reliable, as I have heard from many friends. The shipping prices are by weight, but max out at USD 8.99 for orders 1lb(454g) and above.

International shipping from the USA is... not the best price-wise. It's rather wild. Most people outside the US either don't use BeadTin, or get beads through a reseller (someone who buys from BeadTin in bulk, then sells the beads) if there is one.

Shipping prices internationally from the USA is not determined by BeadTin, but by shipping providers.

BeadTin shipping prices, as from their website, for Standard shipping (around a week)-
up to 8oz (half a lb, 227g): USD $3.99
8oz to 1lb(16oz, 454g): USD $5.99
Anything above that: USD $8.99

Mar 16, 2024 1:13 pm

Yes, it is. At least within the USA. I have used it to get supplies to people, and for gift cards. I haven't sent to any other countries though.