How did you get your 'rave name'?

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Jan 12, 2016 1:09 pm

@HoshiNoKaabi: yes i did. i payed attention in health class when i was in school >_>

Jan 10, 2016 1:55 pm

@RawrIHazCupcake: Not to be offensive, or a spoiler for people who go to raves, but did you know that ecstasy is the name of a drug?

Jan 10, 2016 12:54 pm

I don't technically have a rave name yet, but my boyfriend has been calling me Rainbow girl and my uncle used to call me Celestia and Galaxia because I had dyed my hair a galaxy color, not sure if those would count as rave names, but if anyone has any other suggestions I'm all ears

Jan 9, 2016 6:02 pm

i don't technically have a real rave name yet, but I was on Skype (he's from TX I'm in MA) one night a year ago with one of my best friends who is a retired kandi kid and raver, making kandi as I always did when my insomnia acted up, and I was completely trashed and he called me 'nova' so I've been going off of that. he also calls me gypsy.

still have yet to be named at an actual show tho.

Jan 8, 2016 7:30 am

My name was given to me by one of my brother's friends. They used to attend raves quite a lot but don't anymore because they recently had a kid. My brother told them that I make kandi a lot and one day they came to visit. They asked me to make them a simple picture cuff. While I was making it they said that I moved so quickly while making it my hands almost became a blur, so they called me Blur.
Of course, this will be my "rave name" until I can actually attend a rave or if I get a name I think suits me better. I like the name Blur a lot, though. so I think it might stick for awhile.

Jan 4, 2016 12:21 pm

whyyy hellooo im panda XD i got it cause im mixed races, half African american and half Caucasian. the Rave fam thought it was sooo funny but it actually stuck

Jan 2, 2016 6:51 am

Well my rave name was given to me before I stepped foot in rave. I was a strong wallflower shy, coy even came off anti social people wondered and even would ask how I managed to have a decent group of friends. Being this way I never really stepped out my comfort zone unless I felt it was okay to step out of it and that's more or unless took quite some time, even under the influence. Back then my group in me listened to punk, ska, 50's doo wop, what was once and yes it was called Techno/Electronica before it was just referred to as EDM, 80's, me personally J-rock/K-pop. I was always over obserant, when I wanted to learn something I would watch either people who I felt just looked untouchable or looked complex in my eyes but I knew if I watched long enough I'd could mimic it. once I got it down switch it up and make it more me and less of whoever influenced it. As dance parties started to get big, there were two guys in my group of friends who just looked so fcken lethal when they danced I loved it. When we hung out I hoped for a good 80s song just to see them dance. Not being the outgoing type I would sit and literally count their steps sway with their movements and try and feel the music the way they did. Soon after shuffling became the "IT" thing. My females friends got it down right off the bat they looked to cute ect ect. And me I was still trying to catch on, time went by everyone was getting into the dance feel. It was winter 2009 lol I know because the a group from the class of 2009 gave me my soon to be rave name. We went to this party everyone was there my old group new group soon to be strong aquantinces. Fancy Footwork by chromeo came on and idk what the hell came over me but , I went in between the two guys I fashioned my dancing style after and just started dancing. After a while I didn't really realize that half of them had stop to watch me. They made a circle around and my two male friends came in with me and us next to each other I dance with both them switch every here and there and as my small group clapped the homies yelled out " damn look at her feet DANI 2 STEP right there thats DANI 2 STEP". When we stopped to breath lol having fun but slightly challenging me to see how well I could dance (lol I know them and I knew they could see themselves in my moves). I went to get a drink and some people where like "aye Dani 2 Step that was dope the way you just got out there" "dani 2 step that shyt was fresh ", "dani 2 step" while i was dancing some of the homies started calling me that. And as peiole stoped to look to see tgey asked who i was and they answered " what? You dont know dani 2 step" when i found out who had started the name I literally went to them swith a smile and thanked them for giving me that nickname. After that the legendary "Warp ft. Steve Aoki" that always got the party started cme on and little did they know but my shuffle lol was complete. I'm my other set of friend those guys just ugh they way guys shuffle it just looks so stong and on point. So I would watch them at parties and at school they way they hit their side step into a T step they way they would shuffle again hit their jump spin fall right back into their shuffle. I was already feeling my self so when that song came on I stopped them from dancing told them I wanted to show them something explained I liked their shuffle and I had been watching them every chance I go. They didn't find it weird or anything since they knew all that already when the beat dropped for the second time I went into my shuffle and they went off lol clapping and cheering and saying "she got that from us " lol "dani 2 step" dani 2 step" . After that every dance party in a backyard everyone called me that at school they knew that's what I was called. At 4 the massice, global unity , Monster massive , fuzzy festival, winter fresh, get your rave on, the hiest, club dance, the Hudson n Gotham that's what I was known as Dani 2 step.

Dec 31, 2015 7:34 pm

Well, my story isn't very exciting, but my first rave name (K9) was given to me at my second rave, and as of the day after Christmas, I went to my third rave, so I'm still trying to figure everything out completely as far as my rave name goes.

A very bubbly girl I met at my second rave saw me wearing my wolf spirit hood that I had gotten from the Arizona state fair last year, and she immediately asked me if my rave theme was a wolf. I said yes, and she asked if I had a rave name yet, to which I said no, so then we sat by the fire for a while, just chit chatting, until she turned to me and just said "K9! That should be your rave name!" I liked how it sounded, so I went with it.

on this site K9 was too short for a username, so I added my rave colour, which is blue.

After the Christmas rave (my third and most recent one), my friend that got me into going to raves said that she wanted a friend of hers to give me a new rave name, so I decided to see what he would come up with, but nothing really seemed to click with me better than K9 had. The morning after the rave, I went to my friend's house and we we're making kandi, but I ended up being the only one awake by the end of that night. While I was the only one awake, I was still making kandi, and I found a bunch of translucent, blue glow-in-the-dark beads and had very few of them, so I arranged them in different patterns on the table to see what I could make, but then I decided to make a jellyfish key chain.

That's when it clicked for me. I still liked the whole K9 name, but I felt a bigger connection with the jellyfish key chain I had made, so even now, I'm still debating on whether or not to stick with K9 or go with another rave name related to the theme of jellyfish. I'm leaning more toward the jellyfish idea, what do you guys think?

Dec 29, 2015 5:23 am

I was going through a phase where i wanted to be a man. I had unshaved legs and me and my friends were having a cuddle puddle. one of my gay friends was rubbing my legs and called me fluffy muffin. i asked if it was my rave name and he said yes. odd story but fluffy has stucck even after 7 years of not raving.

Dec 28, 2015 1:27 pm

Well I got mine from my rave Mom and Dad, im about 6' 2" and around 195, so im a pretty big guy. My rave Mom (Sapphire) said I used to give the best hugs and my rave Dad (Night Owl) said im big like a bear so they came up with Huggy Bear lol and it has stuck with me ever since. That was about 6 years ago.

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