know any 3d kandi patterns/tutorials? or peyote charms

adameve 10/23/2021 08:57 am 90

hey i would love to know if anyone knows any 3d kandi tutorials? i know of the strawberry one since i made one but its the only tutorial ive ever found that looks suitable for a necklace
they're my favourite things to make since they're 3d and you can sneak beads in them

+ i forgot to add , im interested in peyote charms!! i just gotta find a video first on how the hell you make them

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Oct 23, 2021 9:11 am

I know there's a 3d mushroom tutorial on YouTube somewhere, it always shows up when I'm looking at Kandi tutorials. It's called a "3D stash mushroom" or something along those lines. I'm also interested in perler charms, so if you find anything about those, you should let me know wink