I injured my hand again yay (minor language)

doublezero 7/31/2021 05:29 pm 89

So idk what's wrong with it but every time I get back into making a lot of kandi my (right) hand starts hurting like hell. I'm not sure if it's carpal tunnel or tendonitis or what but it is very pain. I'm just resting it and putting ice and wearing ace bandages. I just finished making a really big kuromi perler piece and I've been working pretty hard on a backpack. It hurts more than it normally does but it's getting better. I'm just kind of bummed because I might not be able to finish my backpack before I go back to school (which is fine I have a real one I just want to take it on the first week).

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Jul 31, 2021 5:45 pm

It could just be the muscles in your hand. Exposing your muscles to a repetitive but not strenuous activity can make them feel weak/sore at first. One thing you can do before making kandi is put a rubber band around the ends of your fingers, but not too tightly, and extend your fingers out/open your hand. Reverse stretching is good for preventing the muscles in your hand from shortening. If the pain persists longer than needed though, see a doctor.