need help finding a couple people !

B0X_0F_RATS 5/13/2021 01:19 pm 125

hi !! for context, i made a big slideshow where anyone on this site could add whatever they wanted, and it was a really nice n positive space, but a little while ago, two people started mass deleting people's slides and spamming shit like momo and claiming they were gonna make people do the momo challenge, so i had to shut it down for a while,, the slideshow is back up, but i'd like to find and get in contact with the two people who were doing everything. i don't know how i would go about doing this, though. i have what might be both of their first and last names as well as their emails, but i really can't be sure if they're real or fake. if you'd be willing to help, i'd really appreciate it !! i can send you the info i have if you respond to this or message me !!

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