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Piss 5/11/2021 10:48 am 133

I accidentally deleted this and now I have to type it again ._.

I saw some other people doing this so heres mine woo

Basic stuff:

I go by Theo Cherri and Moss

I'm 12 years old

I'm bi and nonbinary


Likes and stuff:

Hunter x Hunter

Kandi (obviously)




Annd more stuff I'm not gonna list cause like idk

Requirements and preferences:

11-15 (a little over/under is fine)

No bigots and that stuff

We share at least 1 interest

My discord is 76 Worms In A Trenchcoat#4023 if anyone wants to be friendscutee mushy

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May 11, 2021 2:29 pm

hiiii!! im chloe/cece/jamie

im 14 and im nb and bi too :0


im rly sweet and kinda sensitive

i make kandi too and play mc

i also play animal crossing and i listen to a lot of death metal rap (scarlxrd, ghostemane, ghostofblu, oni inc, lil peep, 7xvn, prxjek, gizmo, etc)

uhhhmmm yea!!

message me on here for my discord!!

May 11, 2021 12:20 pm

I sent a friend request my discord is carolinethecatt11#7422!!! im 11 and love bnha, minecraft, and i use they/them pronouns!!!

May 11, 2021 11:30 am


im ava but u can call me grace if you want

im bi

im 12

my pronouns are she/her

i like kandi ofc

i play a little bit of minecraft (i dont know much about it but i like to explore sometimes)

i play roblox (you have to find the good games for it to be fun)

and totally random but my fav color is sage green

anybody can take this application and friend me

May 11, 2021 11:13 am

If I was the same person I was months ago we would be the same person

Hi I'm Izzi :]

I'm 12 and I use any pronouns :]

I'm an agender lesbian [But I originally thought I was a bi enby]

Anyways I love Hxh [Hence the pfp] and I also love My Hero Academia :]

Anyways my discord is nocturnalrootabega#1763 if you wanna be friends on there :]

You seem like a extremely pog person so I would be honored to be friend with you