Any theatre kids?

HotSingleMomsInYourArea 4/15/2021 03:10 pm 105

rainbowsmile hi! im myles and i want theatre friends! my faves rn are tick tick boom, title of show, and the last 5 years! (the off broadway version, i don't like the movie lol) some ones that I'm currently listening to arerent, now here this, and something rotten! if u like musicals, tell me ur favs! bye! rainbowsmile

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Apr 15, 2021 7:09 pm

i love musicals so much. in the heights, heathers, grease, six, legally blonde, and west side story are some of my favorites.

Apr 15, 2021 4:34 pm

heya!!! i'm studying performing arts @ college rn

same as @iamonex i rlly love sweeney todd n dr horrible - i also recently listened to something rotten, n i rlly liked it!! heathers, be more chill, beetlejuice, the guy who didn't like musicals, chicago, avenue q, spongebob, rocky horror... i'm not great at listing musicals off the top of my head, lmao, but i like most genres tbh, so most things r good imo!!! (i also rlly love those random encounters fandom musicals, if anyone here likes those - the phoenix wright one lives in my head rent-free)

the first musical i ever saw live was back to the future the musical, which i don't think is on spotify or anything yet (lockdown started before they finished performances, i think) but it was great!!! my dad saw it w me, n we both loved it!!

i'm always looking for good musical recs

Apr 15, 2021 3:21 pm

my favorite musical is sweeney todd!!! (especially the lincoln center production w/ bryn terfel) i also like falsettos, rent and dr. horrible a lot! (even though its not necessarily in the same category lol)