shsl e-boy

bvckybarnes 1/27/2021 12:49 am 636

ok so im a try hard e-boy and need tips

1. what the hell do i do if i dont got rubbing akyhool but want dat saftey pin earring look thing

2. how much kandi is to much (at skool ofc)

3. can i blast hamilton while vibeing with me drama teacher cus i know my mom aint gonna be home for another 2 hours

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Jan 27, 2021 6:52 am

1. Hmm... I don't really know on that one, if you already have your ears pierced than you can carefully put a (very clean!!!) one in. If not I don't recommend doing this because ear infections due to bad piercings are the worst ! (you can safely pierce at home tho, but you will need the rubbing alcohol you dont have to properly clean it). There is also just the hanging part of the earring you can by on amazon or ebay for cheap in bulk and attach it to the safety pin (this is what i do).

2. Whatever you want !!! I my opinion you can never have enough , but if your school has a dress code thing against too much jewerly than you might have to limit the amount you wear.


Jan 27, 2021 2:15 am

1. I like to use a small stud earring. Take off the backing, slide on the safety pin and put the earring through your ear like you normally would and put the backing on. The safety pin doesn't go in your ear, it is just between it and the stud. Just make sure the stud is big enough so it won't slip off!

2. It is up to you, really. Unless you have a dress code to follow, do what you want to. I recommend not wearing too much in the beginning as it can get a bit difficult at times, so work your way up to a desired amount. Small singles can be worn without anyone batting an eyelid, while cuffs, ears and such may be a bit more outstanding.

3. No one is gonna stop you, and if not, they'll BE BACK to their senses