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Star cr0wns ar3 fr1ck1ng 1con1c and pur3ly class1c, n0 d1scuss10n- ((Star crowns are fricking iconic and purely classic, no discussion-))

Wednesday Feb 3, 2021, 11:41 AM




Last online: 3-24-2021 2:04am
  • Gender: Masc non binary (Star/starself/they/he)
  • Hope's Peak Academy, Out Of US, Pfft-
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H3ll0 phr0gg13s and un1c0rns! 1 am R0byn and 1 hav3 b33n mak1ng kand1 f0r alm0st thr33 m0nths n0w. 1 l0v3 Danganr0npa, Fullm3tal Alch3m1st, JJBA and much m0r3. 1f y0u f33l l1k3 talk1ng, my m3ssag3s w1ll always b3 0p3n! PLUR!!!

(((Hello froggies and unicorns! I am Robyn and I have been making kandi for almost three months now. I love Danganronpa, Fullmetal Alchemist, JJBA and much more. If you feel like talking, my messages will always be open! PLUR!!!)))

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