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I know that this is not a politics web site but this need awareness immediately. This may seem a little outdated but it is still semi recent and not as well known as it should be. In 2017 the Charlottesville neo nazies killed and beat people right int front of the police officers. The police officers simply did nothing and let the fights and killings happen for four whole hours without doing anything at all. Richard Spencer is the person who has started and made this movement stronger and has not gotten in any trouble for creating a group with so much rage. Daryle Lamont Jenkins caught everything on camera and the horrific truth in his video's are in the documentary ALT RIGHT- age of rage. and also could possibly be found in youtube. The worst part of the terrorist attack (where the cops did not do anything for 2 whole hours) James Alex Fields Jr. deliberately drove his car into a crowd of people killed one person and injured 28 people. this is just one example of the terrible things that happens within the around 3 hour time period of the riots and killings. So please spread the message. #Justice for Heather Heyer. Spread the word and dont let america become a nazi country!

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