Help adjusting patterns!

FlyidFire 1/31/2020 04:49 pm 283

animal05I’m back again! I’m making a mask for a friend, and I like to keep the side bead count at 7, instead of the regular patterns 8. 7 is already too big for my face but I deal with it. I have tried to adjust the pattern and it didn’t really work. I watched a tutorial when I first made a mask that said keep the rows (when you start) to 23. All the patterns I can find have 21, and I just can’t seem to make one that will fit me or my friends’ face! I want to use a pattern, while still having it fit snug on my face. Any help?animal05

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Feb 1, 2020 1:15 pm

Hi there! I'm not sure where you saw to keep it at 23, I've only heard keeping it at 21? My only suggestion is to experiment with different shapes and sizes of masks, and make your own pattern/copy one over as best you can when you find the sizes for you and your friend, I know that you're probably looking for a straight-forward answer but I can't seem to figure one out at the moment

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