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EDM event in East Texas called Static Mist!

LilMissTot95 4/27/2017 10:33 pm 1371


We got a dope ass event coming to you on May 13th!

We got someone coming down all the way from Houston to perform for you wonderful people!

I hear she's got some great mixes and is a pretty bomb ass woman! Come join us for a great night!

You know my first actual Unit-E event was just not too long ago, due to me moving out of state for awhile, but the vibe of my fellow crew and the great music blaring in my ears made me feel like I was home! Every event makes me feel so welcome and I always feel like I belong. We show great compassion through the decorations we put our love into and it's all for you guys! We don't do this because it's a business. We do this because we want to broaden our family. We want you to feel at home. To feel like you belong. And that's exactly what you'll get here at Unit-E.

Come join us and feel welcomed by our family because there is an extreme amount of love within our venue waiting for you!??????????????????

Follow the link above for more info! Please do come see us! We love newbies! ????????????happy

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Jun 15, 2017 11:28 am

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