can someone show me how to make this peyote stitch?

Taylor_horizon666 5/31/2015 08:22 pm 1696

I really want to know how to make this someone please show me step by step


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Jun 10, 2015 7:25 am

Okay so I'll try to explain this as best i can. Look for the widest points of the pattern. As you can see the widest point are a yellow and green. So get some fishing line and bring the ends together. Remember which string will be your top string. Now place a yellow bead on your top string and a green bead on your bottom string just like the pattern. Then place a white bead on both strings. You want to look at the pattern in 2s and 1s. Here watch this tutorial on kandi masks. Even though it's not a mask it's the EXACT same princible! Hope this helped a bit!

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