Sc3n3_Qw33n_ 6/18/2024 05:12 pm 266

I have a nyan cat cuff, a rainbow cuff, and a WHOLE BUNCH OF SINGLES. BUT I NEED MORE. Gimme all your cool patterns! Also, me and my crush are going to the mall for their b-day! What stores should I look for?513b395299300_wacko.gif633f1744401f6_tbh.gif

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Jun 18, 2024 7:10 pm

Im from Aus so idk American stores but like go for dollar shops you can find accessories there also like tutus and stuff sometimes even hair extensions. Second hand ovi. Diy is important, like fingerless gloves from socks and such. Um go to the emo stores so like hot topic and stuff. I know it's like nowhere near Halloween but you can find a lot of stuff at costume shops. For Kandi like make stuff for Ur fave bands and or shows. happy

Jun 18, 2024 6:44 pm

WELLL ppl always say I'm scene so I GUESS I CAN HELP ELLELELELELELELEL XDD I mostly shop onlineeeeeez O.o But when I do go 2 da mall, it's either Hot Topic, Five Below, or on da rare occasion Spencerz XD Heres some of meh shirtz if it gives u IDEAZZZZ but most of dem I got onlinezzzz XD