KandiT8ortot 6/12/2024 11:05 pm 156

I'm really lonely and want someone to call and make Kandi together!

No older than 14!

Reasons to be my freind

I love Kandi

I'm not dry

I love to call

We can have game nights and Kandi nights!

Be my freind 19.gif


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Jun 15, 2024 10:42 pm

yes of course! i’m 14, u seem really sweet! , and i’m new to kandi so i definitely would want to learn some tips and tricks!

lil rainbow

Jun 15, 2024 7:10 pm

H1! I <3 kandi, music, fnaf, indie horror, and games alot! Disc?kao big grin

Jun 15, 2024 6:10 pm

U sound just liek me lolz, Ill gladly be ur friend!!!! ^_^rainbowsmile

Jun 15, 2024 8:34 am

HEY IM WANNA B3 FRIENDS?!? :3awesome1