greeniegrave 5/26/2024 12:48 am 198

i've been encountering some issues on the site, i don't know if these are known problems or not so i wanted to share in case there was already a fix for them.

1. sometimes buttons/links don't work? my username in the upper right corner isn't clickable about 95% of the time. if i want to get back to my profile, i have to to go the upper left corner to my stuff > all photos > click on my own username. there are a lot of other buttons that aren't clickable unless you put your cursor in a very specific area; like most forum threads on the left side i have to click on the right side of the title, and if the title is short then there's nothing for me to click on. also the user menu on the left side doesn't work for me most of the time either.

2. pattern maker doesn't go over 50? i'm trying to make a perler bead pattern, and no matter what numbers i try to enter into the width and height boxes, it won't go over 50. i did a brief search around the site and couldn't find any perler patterns that were over 50 beads wide, so maybe that's just a limit that people are aware of.

also i just edited this post because it didn't save the paragraph breaks or numbers and just shoved everything together

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Jun 7, 2024 10:43 am

@Bentley_ATE_you: that's such a bummer sad i'm glad i'm not the only one experiencing this, i hope it gets fixed soon

Jun 7, 2024 10:21 am

I struggle with the first one a lotcryingthere was this cool pattern and it wouldn't let me click itrainbowsmileit just said something like "file linked incorrectly" or whatever. i also cant ask the person to upload it again cuz they went offline a while agoshock