Yapping about Disco Elysium because i love it sm (rant oops)

colossal_idiotx 5/20/2024 01:27 pm 143

okay guys so if you don't know Disco Elysium is this awesome rpg detective game that delves into the fictional world of Revachol on the Insulindian Isola, more specifically the part of Revachol known as Martinase. you play as a sad alcoholic old man detective with 26 voices in his head who drank so much he cant remember anything, and you and your partner from the 57th precinct have been tasked with solving a murder behind the hotel you're staying in. you can do literally anything in the game, from establishing a nightclub for anodic dance music in an abandoned church to going on a date with a widowed woman. define what kind of detective you are!! 513b39525d246_dance.gif

what's awesome about the game though is that your actions have consequences!!!!! if you say some batshit insane stuff it may just come back to bite you later in the game, so choose wisely! there's no right or wrong way to play the game, and if you're going in blind then I suggest you just pick the dialogue options that feels right to you, even if it's a lil weird (btw the game does deal with sensitive topics like substance abuse, dependency, racism, censored slurs, trauma and death as well as graphic depictions of violence so be careful!514c8a1d51789_w01.gif)

I wont really be saying much here bc I don't wanna spoil it but here are some fun facts! 513b39528f2f2_thumbsup.gif

-there are over 1 million words in the game according to the lead writer!

-your partner from the 57th is a homosexual!

-you are divorced!

-finishing the game in a single playthrough would take 36 hours!

-you can talk to inanimate objects, including dead bodies and your necktie!

-you can shoot people... but only if you find your gun or ask to borrow your partners!

-there is an 8 hour thought project where you can try to remember whether or not you're a homosexual!

-you can be any political alignment you want -- any of them!

-there's voice acting!

so uhm yeah PLAY DISCO ELYSIUM ON STEAM, PLAYSTATION AND NINTENDO SWITCH5148b779c60b0_flame.gif513b39526713b_happy.gif

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