How do I get a pattern to the editor to make it?

Sabrexa 10/24/2014 04:10 pm 1387

I am new to this and most videos I watch tell me to use the editor to make the masks, but I cant seem to up load the mask to the editor. I have saved it to my computer and tried to up load it but it tells me to click on the floppy disc to add it, I have no idea what they are talking about

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Oct 26, 2014 5:54 am
From your post it's not clear what kind of file you have. Is it an actual pattern image? Is it a photo of a mask? If it's an actual pattern, is the pattern already on this site? If it is, you can just go to the pattern page for it and click the "Copy to designer" button to copy it into your pattern maker account. If it's a photo, or if it's not on the site already, read on... The floppy disc is only for downloading patterns that you have already made yourself or copied into the pattern maker using the "copy to designer" button on the pattern pages. It doesn't seem relevant to what you want to do at all, so I'm not sure why anyone would tell you to do that. If all you have is an image file, you need to upload the image and then trace it. Here's how to do that: You need to host the photo on an image hosting site like (no registration required) then copy the direct URL it gives you. The URL must end in .jpg, .gif or .png or it won't work. If you're not sure if you have the right URL, paste it here and I will tell you and fix it if needed. Once you have the URL copied, you need to go into the pattern maker and click the button that looks like a sunset photo with a plus sign on it, paste it into the field that appears, and click "Load." That will make the photo appear behind the template and you can drag it and resize it. Then you can trace it.
Oct 24, 2014 9:38 pm
go to the pattern maker and in there there is a floppy disc but for me i dosn't seem to work for me tried a lot of times mabe it will work for you for more hele message crumpet
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