kandi single ideas????

_CUP1D_ 2/28/2024 09:49 am 294

i just got a bunch of letter beads but idk what to writeeeee 513b39525823e_crying.gif513b39525823e_crying.gif (im tryna cheer up my friend with a gift, her guinea pigs passed yesterday and shes barely holding it together so i wanna do something nice for her)

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Feb 28, 2024 1:13 pm

@Zadiaaa: I would do one name on each with each having a color scheme that reminds you of them or their name

Feb 28, 2024 11:02 am

@TrashPanda81: thx for the idea!!! i appreciate it!

Feb 28, 2024 10:38 am
@Zadiaaa: so that'd be a bit long
Feb 28, 2024 10:38 am

@Digipxel: its fine lol, but idk if i should do it individually or all on one, their names are harlo, milly, and coco

Feb 28, 2024 10:33 am

Maybe write the names of the guinea pigs on it (sorry if this idea was already mentioned)

Feb 28, 2024 10:18 am

@vampirefir: thats a good idea! thx!

Feb 28, 2024 10:16 am

You could make the pigs' names with "forever" afterward.

heart bounce GUINEA heart bounce FOREVERheart bounce

Feb 28, 2024 10:12 am

I always do band/song names, or a braclet based off of a character or show she likes! Memes also work too (like I have a TBH creature and popcat braclet!)

I also make braclets w my friends names and fav colors on them) Hope this helped a bit!