I want to try making a kandi belt, but I need advice !

Digipxel 2/22/2024 10:41 am 525

So I have a few questions:

*So I know how to do ladder stitch cuffs and I kinda know how to do peyote stitch but which one would you recommend for making a belt?

*What type of string should I use to make it? I'm thinking just the regular old stretch cord but idk

*How do I tie off the end to add one of those clasp things (the things on key chains and necklaces) because I feel like it would just come undone super easily

* Where are good places to bulk buy beads? I don't have a lot in one color (I only have a kit from Amazon lol)

Ty lovelies, I hope you have a great day/night ^^

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Feb 23, 2024 8:09 am

Ty guys for answering, it was really helpful (esp the part about attaching the clasps) ! I'll make sure to check out Beadtin and Pony Bead Store and I ordered some elastic cord which will be arriving today happy

Feb 22, 2024 11:18 pm

I used ladder stitch and it's your desired Hight put it on then put the other end through the beads look up a tut tho i'm bad at explaining. I jused actual string but you can use wool or stretch. Put a pice of string so you can tie into a bow on both sides to like buckle them. Hope this helps big grin

Feb 22, 2024 6:01 pm


2 attactch get a key ring (the spirl thingys) and slide it through the bumped out beads and add just small rings then attach the clips

stretch cord

amazon u can buy bags of 1000+ beads for around 5$(US)

hope this helped!!!

Feb 22, 2024 5:16 pm

Hi I just saw that no one answered this? I’ve only made one belt but it turned out pretty well

Peyote or ladder? Really depends on your desired effect. I used peyote for mine

What string? I used fabric covered stretch cord like normal. I recommend it for this more than fishing line despite it being an article of clothing due to its lack of stretch (given you aren’t trying to use this belt to actually hold pants up? I mean I’m sure you could tighten it enough but I really don’t think it’s worth trying to use a kandi belt for that. I’d use a regular belt and put my kandi belt over it if my pants were too large.)

I didn’t add a clasp on mine because I had none. Instead I made a loop of beads just tight enough to where the belt end could be forced through but it wouldn’t budge easily. It’s never slipped out on me despite it getting pulled sometimes.

Where to buy bulk beads? Beadtin or pony bead store (I use beadtin but have heard nothing bad about pony bead store)

Hope this helps if you want to see my belt I have a photo posted on my profile with its matching tie. Feel free to dm me if you want to ask more about the specifics of my belt or anything kandi related really. Have a nice day/night

Feb 22, 2024 12:12 pm

I think a peyote might be best for a belt but i’ve def seen some maed wif multistitch and x base!!! I fink a cloth covered elastic (idk wat itz called) would work da best