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Tough guys wear pink

Tuesday Jun 4, 2024, 1:33 AM




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I'm a minor!!! how did i delete that!

I've been making Kandi for well over a year now. I enjoy writing, reading, doing quads and drawing mh fanart. fell free to ask questions bout anything. I dress in a more scene astetic when I have time but if i don't I just where comfy clothes and way to much Kandi.

Fandoms: HermitCraft, life smps (both crews), yhs/Evo, empires, bluey, eah/mh, ddlc, gloomy bear, class of 09

Bands/artists: Can of bliss, webcage, torr, noahfinnce, anndy negitve, Rare American's, MCR, nickasaur, underscores, bring me the Horizon, millionaires

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