where should i start to learn about raves?

lehnercore 2/10/2024 12:23 pm 193

i'm doing a school project on kandi and everything associated with it .. and i've never been to a rave or anything of the sort, but i thought it'd be fun to put it in there !

..except for the fact that i don't know a SINGLE THING about them.

so, uh, if anyone knows some good articles i can read or whatever, let me know ,, :3

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Feb 10, 2024 8:46 pm

@pinballwzrd: OKAY !!! THANK YOU big grin

Feb 10, 2024 8:46 pm

@tissueshatesgreen: THANK YEW!!!

Feb 10, 2024 8:22 pm

googling the term 'rave culture' should give you some decent articles and information :3 /gen

Feb 10, 2024 8:18 pm

off topic but i love ur pfp

Feb 10, 2024 12:27 pm

Listen to da music, watch videoz of ppl there, learn some dancez, maybe even go to one!!!!rainbowsmile