This or that: Kandi Kid Edition!

NanoKatty 2/10/2024 04:58 am 695

Skip the ones you don't feel like answering or that don't apply tongue

beating heart1: Singles or doubles?

lil rainbow2: Fabric or plastic cord?

cutee purplemushy3: Bikinis or harnesses?

pink bow4: Oldschool or new rave music?

kittsy5: Toy charms or perler charms?

tama6: Necklaces or belt chains?

twirlingheart7: Neon or pastel?

mario star8: Glow sticks or UV paint?

rainbow pony9: Matt beads or glitter/translucent beads?

brite sun10: Trading kandi or buying kandi?


1: Me personally I prefer singles or triples since I can make it symmetrical

2: Fabric all the way!.... Usually

3: One day I hope to be even half as talented as the people who make kandi bikinis...!

4: Oldschool happy hardcore 4eva!

5: Toy charms my beloved

6: Necklaces! I always have at least 3 layered on at a time.

7: Neon, duh.

8: UV! Why need glow sticks when you are the glow stick?

9: Glitter, they look almost good enough to eat!

10: Trading! Buying kandi is tempting sometimes when it's from someone very talented but nothing can beat the magic of a kandi trade.

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Feb 25, 2024 4:05 pm

1. SINGLES! they are so fun to make

2. fabric for sure. it feels way more secure to me

3. GIRLS IN BIKINIS IN OUTERSPACE! kandi bikinis are so cute omg but i wish i was that good to make them. maybe one day awesome1

4. i cant say since i dont really listen to that kinda music often but i really like some of s3rl's songs!

5. i like them both but perlers can be a pain to make imo but i still love them but i feel like toy charms are more fun and cooler so yea but love them both

6. hmmm i havent really made any belt chains but ill say necklaces

7. love both equally!

8. uhhh i guess glow sticks? i dont really have much experience with these two things


10. i would love to trade kandi someday with someone blush

Feb 25, 2024 10:45 am

Singles lil rainbow

Fabric but i use clear for flat charms beating heart

bikinis look super cute cutee purplemushy

OLDSKOOL!! (im sad it's dying) pink bow

Toy charms kittsy

Necklaces pinkicecream2

Both!! twirlingheart

GlowSticks rainbow pony

Glitter beads look so yummy cinnamarolls

Feb 25, 2024 5:38 am

1: Singles

2: plastic

3: harnesses but ive never made one TwT

4: havent been TwT

5: both

6: belt chains

7: pastel

8: Glow sticks

9: Matt beads

10: Trading

Feb 24, 2024 9:29 pm

1: Singles <3

2: Fabric im so glad I switched from plastic

3: I haven't made or worn either so idkshrug

4: Both

5: perler charm

6: Necklaces


8: Glow sticks :3

9:glitter/translucent bead

10: Trading

Feb 24, 2024 9:28 pm

1 singles

2 fabric for bracelets, plastic for everything else

3 harnesses, they make me feel more dudely

4 yes

5 toy charms, ive yet to make a perler cuff

6 i love booothh but i think belt chains are more constant with my style

7 neon 100%

8 uv paint, i wanna be shiny

9 glitter beads, especially over solid ones

10 trading, it makes me feel like im apart of somthing, yknow?

Feb 24, 2024 3:45 pm

1: singles!!


5: toy!!!

6: necklace

7: neon,,

8: uv


10: tradde

Feb 24, 2024 11:54 am


i've only every used plastic and one really bad quality fabric so im gonna have to say plastic but that might change cause im planing on ordering some fabric cord

i haven't made either but i think id perfer to wear a harness over a bikini

i like a mix of both

ive never used either but i have some ideas for perler charms i want to make soon

both! i need maximum clinkyness but i have more belt things than necklaces rn

i perfer dark colors but if i had to pick, neon

i've never used UV paint so idk

glitter/translucent!!! they're so pretty. i mainly only use matt in my kandi tho

trading, ive never really done it before tho


Feb 24, 2024 9:18 am

singles, fabric, bikinis, new, Perler, necklaces, pastel, glow sticks, glitter, trading hkheart

Feb 24, 2024 7:54 am

1. Doubles

2.fabric, plastic breaks easy

3.Never made either yet

4.lil bit of both 100%

6.belt chains



9. matt

10. trading

Feb 23, 2024 11:14 am

beating heart singles :3

lil rainbow fabric 100% i HAAATE plastic cord

cutee purplemushy i havent made either, but i would prefer to wear a kandi harness than bikini lol

pink bow oldschool!!!!! ive always preferred older music over newer stuff

kittsy perlers! i love making perlers >:3

tama necklaces, i need more neck accessories i have too many studded belts lol

twirlingheart NEON!!!!!!

mario star both >:3

rainbow pony i like matte beads more but the glittery/translucent ones have better colors

brite sun trading!!!! it feels so much more special, and i feel cool doing the PLUR handshakesunglasses