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RuikasaJumpscare 11/27/2023 09:54 am 180

So, me and my friend (who are both Neurodivergent) have an ELA class together. At the begining of the school year, it was great as it was only the two of us. But now, our table is full (theres 2 other ppl with us) + a person who sits at the table next to us bc their friends with someone at out table. It's causing me and my friend to get rlly overstimulated :/ We don't want to just move (bc thats kinda a D!ck move) but at the same time, its really overwhelming fo us... Any advice?

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Nov 27, 2023 11:37 am

dont worry about it seeming like a dick move i doubt theyll care and if they do then they wont care in a hour after, dont be rude on purpose of course but its not your job to not seem a lil mean when youre overstimulated, moving wont be a deal to them im sure, if you really want to make sure that theres no somehow badblood just tell them like hey we are kindof overstimulated would it be cool if we sat over there for abit? sort of present it as a question and there will be no way to disect it as rude. i get overstimulated all the time its totally understandable to feel overstimulated, this is one ofhose things where you need to either take action to destimulate or just deal with it if you dont want to do that. i dont mean taht to sound rude thats just how it is

Nov 27, 2023 10:22 am

"We're getting super overstimulated by the full table, we're gonna go over here." Make everybody TEAM OVERWHELMED singles.