i got a cd player

terminaIlyCapricious 11/27/2023 04:39 am 184

so yea what the title said i got a cd player!!!! i also got for cds nevermind by nirvana, in utero by nirvana, and the black album of metallica and next my parents say theyre gonna get me the flyleaf album 513b39525d246_dance.gifim also going to plead and beg my parents for the weezer blue album and pinkerton and chaos horrific by cannibal corpse because they have those for pretty cheap at bull moose

also what should i get next

im also gonna ask for the tempest by insane clown posse for christmas but idk if ill get it

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Nov 27, 2023 5:33 am

uhhh-- i have a bunch of movie/show soundtracks that are pretty fun to listen to. /gen /pos