Publ!sh!ng gl!tch?

_R4DIC4L_R4PTOR_ 11/17/2023 05:12 pm 397

(hai :3 I don't have a quirk but I have 2 use one bc the site keeps telling me I'm posting duplicate content which is ironic)

I h4d 4 l0t 0f my p4tt3rnz 4ppr0v3d r3c3ntly, wh!ch !s 4w3som3!!! but 2 0f th3z3 p4tt3rnz g0t publ!zh3d tw!c3 4nd !dk why shock

I th!nk !tz 4 gl!tch butI c4n't d0 4nyth!n 4b0ut !t sad2

!f 4nyb0dy c4n h3lp !n 4ny w4y, th4t w0uld b3 gr34t!!!

(pic below of tha glitch)9792ab0974d845c22d82e90ccce177bd.jpg

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Nov 17, 2023 5:17 pm

I figured it out recently and have a second tab open when i accept stuff to make sure they post and so i dont double post them

Nov 17, 2023 5:16 pm

It is from when i accept stuff if i click the button a few times like if i dont think it worked. it publishes them twice.