any trauma center fans here???

dont_ask_jeeves 11/17/2023 06:38 pm 180

prolly a long shot but im curious... hyperfixated and curious

what the title says. should probably clarify im talking about the video game series by atlus, not actual trauma centers tongue

anyways i got my physical copy of under the knife (the first game) today!!! it even came in the case which is SHSGSVAVSVSVDDHDVVEDBDNANANSVBSVASVDBS /vpos im stuck on a certain operation rn but once i pass it (if ever) im gonna make celebratory singles of derek and angie :3 my blorbos

i also rlly wanna play trauma team, hypothetically i could because i do have a functional wii but my hands get super shaky with the wiimote kao sick so im just watching someone play it on yt even as opposed to letsplays as i usually am.

(btw if you don't know this game i wouldn't recommend looking into it if you're squeamish to blood and/or medical stuff /gensrs)

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