guitar nerds help lmao

D31M05 9/25/2023 06:10 pm 195

heyhi i wanna learn how to play guitar becuz im dropping band next year but i still wanna have some instrument to play so im gonna try a string instrument !! i need a guitar so if you can drop any places(preferably online and/or in california near SF) that sell guitar stuff n amps n all that jazz that'd be awesome thumbsup if you have any like guitar books that r good for beginners u can link those too im tryna learn for real becuz i play bass clarinet n sing n i cannot name a single note on a paper and can barely read more than like 3 key signatures and its a bad habit for me to not learn the basics of anything so im gonna try w guitar i swear

also question if you play guitar can you basically play bass? i have a friend who plays guitar and he says hes technically able to play bass w/o really learning it but ive only heard from him so if i can kill two birds with one stone on this thatd be soooo epic

note that i am in school so iam not a billionare who can afford 15000 guitars and amps /nmkao kiss

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Sep 27, 2023 1:52 pm

go to a local music shop to buy one, and bass and guitar are not the same at all but still are both as cool

Sep 27, 2023 1:42 pm
@boygeniusreal: tysm!!! do you recommend buying second hand from like ebay or any sites like that because im trying to find something pretty cheap that isnt absolute garbage but also dont wanna buy something brand new when someone else could have a guitar they dont needkao sick
Sep 27, 2023 1:37 pm

@pinballwzrd: omg i hate learning scales so much i know its important but its sooo time consuming and i never remember my sharps and flats crying but tysm for this!! i know what i gotta look out for now n its nice to know i can still play the bass music i have w/o needing to buy a whole new instrumentdance

Sep 25, 2023 6:48 pm

don’t buy from guitar center!!! just look up small guitar businesses because guitar center workers give u bad stuff marked up so they make a commission, but small businesses can sell second hand quality stuff for cheaper, and actually want to help! also, i only play guitar, but learned how to play bass from tabs at school, so yea you can do both. also if you can afford it, do lessons instead of books, you can progress faster and learn more stuff to help you learn chords n stuff by ear. lessons normally don’t cost that much if you find fliers or do it at a local guitar store.

sorry this is so long i love talking abt guitar thumbsup

edit; if ur looking, don’t buy a bass when ur beginning guitar! quality bass stuff is usually more expensive, and u need a bass amp for it, so i recommend getting a guitar because, although it’s different, u can practice basslines on ur guita

Sep 25, 2023 6:46 pm

my time to shine omg w07

so!! there is very likely a guitar center near you. they're usually very helpful for finding the stuff you'll need. if you're looking for inexpensive but still functional, look for squier or ephiphone guitars. they're the cheaper (but legit) versions of fender and gibson, and they work really well!! in terms of amps, i personally use an orange crush 20rt. i recommend doing research on a) what kind of guitar/amp you want, and b) the best places you can find what you want.

in my experience, notes are super difficult to remember so i'd recommend learning scales. knowing your majors, minors, and pentatonics are sooooo helpful if you want to learn how to improvise a solo. alternatively, if you want specific notes, LEARN POWER CHORDS!!!! they're super duper helpful with remembering notes imo.

finally, yes!!! the strings on a bass are the four lowest strings on a guitar. you do have to learn some different techniques (slap bass), but for general bass lines, you can definitely do it.

also!!!! if you want to learn about what guitars are best for different kinds of music, don't be afraid to ask a guitar store worker!!

Sep 25, 2023 6:36 pm

guitar center