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laying on my bed and my dad told me to get up and make beaded things so-

Wednesday Mar 29, 2023, 12:35 PM




Last online: 3-30-2023 8:18pm

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I go by finn, frances, lucie, jamie, james, tobi, tobias

i play the bass (saving up for a coffin case!)do roller derby (my derby name is rebel rebel if you were wondering, make jewelry, and yeah

in the process of starting a band with my friends, I need help picking a name though. I’ll put the options below and if you wanna tell me which one is better then please do!

1. Appendix hole

2. Bed panic

3. The eggheads (I didn’t come up with this one but yea)

4. Appendicitis



Current projects:

I just finished a rainbow peyote belt!!


cool bands/artists you should check out:

siouxsie and the banshees, the cure, duran duran, the runaways, joan jett and the black hearts, led zepplin, the who, the beatles, kate bush, bikini kill, nirvana, mcr, heart, radiohead, rush, pj harvey, cigs after s**, tv girl, david bowie, weezer, the adverts, gum disease (underrated af),waterparks, black sabbath, iron maiden, metallica, etc etc



basically if you just hate people for being themselves OR your creepy

otherwise, please feel free to send me a friend request :)


joan jett >>

I’m reading a book called anthem and it’s rlly cool, it takes place in the sixties!

I have a quiz and it’s really cool…. https://uquiz.com/VTUozJ

[sorry for the long bio I like to organize things

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