a stupid take that makes me angry

TeamFortress2 9/24/2023 04:53 am 240

Okay so ive seen some people claim that the TF2 comics ruined the story because they are goofy??? they claim that TF2 was supposed to have a more serious story and its just??? no?? have you even watched the meet the team videos?? those are goofy as hell, same goes for the voicelines, TF2 was never supposed to be serious lol from the start it was set up to be something goofy

Ofc TF2 does have its serious moments which i do really like!! they perfectly balance the sillyness with the more serious stuff :3

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Sep 24, 2023 8:59 am

I know next to nothing about the game but I can guarantee it was never supposed to be serious
goofy goober vibes w34

Sep 24, 2023 7:08 am

rainbowsmileI AGREE WITH YOU MEGA AMOUNTSthumbsup a few days ago me and my friends from school were actually talking about the same topic