Any other places then Walmart and Hobby Lobby where I can get beads?

Spyguy12 9/9/2023 09:26 am 1275

I feel as though I need a variety. I only have pony beads and chunky beads for kandi! Any other stores that sell a different amount of beads?w16

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Sep 21, 2023 2:55 pm

@netherpi: my target is the only place I can find quality square letter beads. They are rarely sloppily made and have enough of each letter

Sep 20, 2023 11:37 am

avoid target because every time they had pony beads, it was super overpriced

beadtin is honestly your best bet, especially if you order in bulk. (consistent colors, huge selection, cheaper prices than even amazon, most beads made in the united states, etc.)

Sep 20, 2023 11:36 am

@neptuneX3: yeah michael's quality is super inconsistent... but they have good novelty beads, string, and charms

Sep 20, 2023 11:29 am

Michaels with a coupon, Amazon especially if you have Prime, Joann's with a coupon, Target has some right now but may or may not keep carrying them, Bead Tin is awesome, Aliexpress is great for charms and novelty beads if you don't mind the wait, Dollar Tree has inexpensive assortments but they run smaller than a lot of places and don't always have them in stock. Some towns have bead specialty stores that may or may not have pony beads but will have weird stuff to add on.

Sep 20, 2023 10:52 am
Sep 20, 2023 10:44 am

@c4tp3rs00n_part2: you is now my child, i has many childeren >:3

Sep 20, 2023 10:39 am

i would not recommend michaels or amazon for beads. Amazon is really unreliable if you want to get the same color of beads twice it might be sold out and never come back (it has happened to me before). For michaels beads they are more expencive (i think) and ive had many of those ones crack in half a lot more than other beads. beadtin is like the only place i get beads from besides occationally the dollar tree.

Sep 20, 2023 10:12 am

@Music_Freak: rawr how dare u call me childdd /lh /pc

Sep 20, 2023 10:09 am

@c4tp3rs00n_part2: yesh child >:3

Sep 20, 2023 9:53 am

i go to michaels, joann's andd amazonnbluetbh confetti