neurodivergent ppl who have gone to summer camp!! help!

C4NDYB0N3Z 6/4/2023 03:01 pm 289

asjdhfbfhrfb this is a weird place to ask about this, but in about 2 months im going to a summer camp for 3 days and im going to sleep there.

i am autistic and im going by myself and its like half way across the state so i really dont know what i should bring with to stop me from being too overwhelmed?? ive been to a 3 day camp before but back then i didnt know i was autistic and i couldnt sleep and i didnt have a lot of fun either but i didnt like have a meltdown as far as i know? that camp was also with a lot of people i was familiar with but at this camp i wont know anyone. i could bring comfort items and things that make sensory stuff less bad but im scared i might lose it. im also scared if i wear my headphones or use fidget toys ill get asked questions or treated weirdly by the other people there.

im very excited about this camp but rahh im so scared itll be ruined somehow.

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Jun 4, 2023 6:43 pm

Idea: bring a bag of cheap fidget toys and squeezeez and string worms and tops and hand them out. Now a bunch of people have them.

Jun 4, 2023 6:09 pm


EDIT: alzo fidget ringz

Jun 4, 2023 3:53 pm

i am also autistic and this is what i usually bring to any unfamiliar overnight/shortterm situation:

noise cancelling headphones, clothes w/ comfort materials, sleepmasks, self-care anything, samples of comfort fibres/sensory fidgets, comfortable shoes/socks/gloves (if thats something you use), latex gloves/hand sanitiser/nice-smelling hand-soap if you have texture triggers, sunglasses

Jun 4, 2023 3:23 pm

from what i noticed while i was at college (i know, dif scenario lol) people in class didn't really care if i was fidgeting in class/using a fidget. i think it'll be fine to use, esp if you use quiet ones. when i went to camp when i was younger, i brought my comfort items (a stuffed animal and a tamgotchi) and other people brought stuff like that too. i totally understand not wanting to bring a lot of stuff tho, so i'd limit ur stuff to a comfort item you can put in a bag/pocket (or wear!), and either headphones/earplugs.