phrases/words to put on charms??

CornDemon 2/19/2023 01:59 pm 324

I’m making little resin hearts to put on kandi and I need phrases to put in them! I really like to put rude ones in there especially! Any ideas would make me super happy squirt

I’ve already done the following: go away, shut up, ew, ugh, senpai, fugly, and chrissy wake up

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Feb 20, 2023 11:42 am

You could do cursed words! here are some words I put on my kandi tbh confetti

  1. "divorce"
  2. "I eat sand"
  3. "ligma"
  4. [insert favorite band name / song name here]
  5. for necklaces, you can put ur fav quote from a song or show/ movie/ book!
  6. fav youtuber name
  7. fav videogame characters / videogame [can also do w/ shows/ movies]
  8. "you are loved"
  9. "you matter"
  10. "drink water"
  11. "hydrate or diedrate"
  12. "its nerf or nothing"
  13. "yolo"
  14. "bracelet"
  15. "meow" / "barf"
  16. for charms, you can make tiny perler beads and put them on there!
  17. if you play minecraft, you can put ur minecraft skin face into a perler bead and make it into a bracelet!
  18. do you like squishmallows? make a kandi single based on ur fav one!
  19. the name of ur fav animal
  20. sometimes I take little figures from blind bags or arcade games and put them on a single happy
Feb 20, 2023 7:34 am

do drugz


ur mom

Feb 20, 2023 4:54 am
  • rawr
  • ur pronouns
  • i <3 catz
  • nyan cat
  • kitty
  • doggy
  • wafflez
  • poptartz
  • ILY
  • pikachu
  • Foxtrap
  • ur name
  • plur
  • pixel
  • glowstix

u can tell im scene just by some of the wordz on meh kandi XXDDD

Feb 19, 2023 9:36 pm



*animal noise* (ex. mew)



Feb 19, 2023 5:24 pm


mom tried






Gay penguins

Illegal in six states

ow my spine

Five bucks


a bit rude

Feb 19, 2023 4:18 pm

here you go

who asked

oh noes

skull emoji

caca (hehehe)

tornado dog (it’s an inside joke but idc)

Feb 19, 2023 3:59 pm

@Alexanders_Ghost: thank you so much I’m totally using those!! tinybat

Feb 19, 2023 2:49 pm

some ideas

-bitch, please


-blow my mind (or, blow ur mind)

-holy fuckballs


-fuck 'em all

-pspsps ( that sound u make when trying to attract a cat)

-lucky you

-brain <3 rot

-fuck off


-mind fucked

-pretty little psycho


-spaced out

-sorry mom

-ur mom

-hot mess

-hot mf


-ur hot

hope these helped!!wacky