Please give unblockers :')

Fluorite_Draws 12/3/2022 10:54 pm 225

My school finally did it the worst thing ever they blocked chicken nuggiez. Please gimmie unblockers so I can use them. Thanks :')

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Dec 5, 2022 7:27 am

i used to use before it got blocked!

Dec 5, 2022 4:46 am
Dec 4, 2022 5:13 pm

My school blocked most unblokers I haven't found one that's not blocked and they block the most random sites like they blocked scrabble dictionary and Etsy like that's just confusing why on earth did they block Etsy it's so random???? Plus they blocked the news... the news, I know why but still.

Dec 4, 2022 4:16 pm seems to always work !! there's a lot of pages that open when you use it, but personally i go click normal, then i go to the icon on the side that's just like , a box, click ultraviolet, then put in the link i wanna go to,, there's more options, though, you can xplore on ur own

[edit: i should mention that it's exceptionally slow, but the more you visit a website, the faster it it,, also some things don't work on it, like i use twitter a lot and never have any issues with that, but discord only works half the time, and anything that involves you logging in with google doesn't work , at all]

Dec 4, 2022 7:38 am

ik one called its rly slow tho w02