Anyone have bracelet ideas for a craft show?

Rainy_Daze 9/24/2022 08:01 am 59

My grandma is going to sell some stuff at a craft show this year, and I'm going to be selling some bracelets at her stand. Does anyone have some ideas? I'm mainly going to be making kandi, but i might make some rainbow loom bracelets too. I mainly want themes, words and color schemes. It has to be appropriate since this is going to be sold to the public, and kids are probably going to buy these bracelets the most.

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Sep 24, 2022 12:19 pm

at craft shows the main audience seems to always be old women and old women love pastel colores and cute words like "sugar" and "sweetie", so i reccomend lots of pinks whites and blues. You should make a few bright colored/ kandi kid more themed incase you catch a few stay kandi kids !!! awesome1