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"i dont know about that whole Lbgtiq thing" - my library teacher

Saturday Sep 24, 2022, 2:51 AM




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hey!!! im finn lol, i use he/him, im bi but 99 percent men and 1 percent women yk?, im also transmasc n autistic lol

My fav music artists are lil peep, mother mother n queen

My interest r Dinos, skate boarding (im learning a shove-it rn), art n my very in depth knowlage of every fnaf lore rendition n every fnaf fan game

DNI: if you genuinely cried to that "eddie, baby" song/hj also please only use masc terms w me, some fem are ok just go to my pronoun website thingy to see... gender neutral terms like "partner, significant other," are not ok w me, also if your over the age of 19 (unless i specifically say its ok or we have been friends)

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