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are you real or fake ? are you alive and wide awake? this must be some kind of mistake -bloody mary, kate and ashley by PUP

Friday Dec 3, 2021, 6:47 AM




Last online: 12-03-2021 9:34am

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-hey i'm gerard !! :33

-other names that can be used 4 me: eridan & moth !

-interests: homestuck, danganronpa, sally face, tokyo ghoul, death note, sparklecare hospital, kandi, horror movies, junji ito, creepypasta, the walten files, warrior cats

-i like mcr, ayesha erotica, jack stauber, idk how, mother mother, nirvana, gorillaz, cavetown, and lemon demon

-i kin eridan ampora (homestuck), nagito komaeda (danganronpa), hanako-kun (tbhk), johnny cade (the outsiders), L (Death Note), hitoshi shinso (bnha), tamaki amajiki (bnha) and kokichi ouma (danganronpa)

-i use a typing quirk !! (double v's and w's )



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