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makin kandi and watchin TV B)

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hiiiii im linky!!! welcome to my corner of the internet! ☺

im a 7teen y/o scene girl who loves making kandi!! ive been making kandi for almost half a decade and i love PLURR and the rave scene so much (im so excited to go to raves soon!!!)

i am interested in a lot of things!! like video games (tloz <--- (MY FAV), tf2, resident evil, various 3ds games), arts & crafts (kandi, knitting, crochet, etc.), music (crunkcore, emo, hardstyle, techno, indie folk, dubstep, electronic), old technology, web design, and horses!

i am taken by my lovely wife <33 !! so dont be weird pls! also i am autistic, so i would prefer if you communicated with me directly if you msg me!

☆ spread plurr and blast techno music! ☆

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