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dni if you cant stop whining about harmless stuff that doesn't effect you

Monday Apr 8, 2024, 8:24 AM




Last online: 4-22-2024 8:45am

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got engaged on feb. 23

pokemon is my entire life always and forever amen (so much so that the tism made the gender relate to a gen 1 pokemon glitch)

crow therian

"I love you, will you marry me?" /ref

If you ever need stardew valley tips hit me up :))

"thats it youre in time out get on top the fridge" "this house is a forking nightmare >:0" -a random vine

subculture/aesthetic: clown punk. clunk. also kinda grunge

ace-pan flux, demiro

nightcore but also not nightcore <3333

life is a game and i have a spork

i have a structured settlement but i need trash now. CALL J.G. WENTWORTH. 877-TRASH-NOW

dni: homophobes, transphobes, ableist, racist, plural phobic, etc

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