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yo, im L@nce

Sunday May 12, 2024, 9:31 PM




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<Im Lance!

<I am autistic (diagnosed) and my special interests currently include FNAF (10 years), MLPFiM (5 years), Markiplier (12 years), and Homestuck (?).

<I am part of these fandoms:

<My little Pony (including creepypastas and external fandoms), FNAF, Markiplier/and friends, Homestuck, Sally face, Resident Evil, Mortal Kombat, Creepypasta, Saw, Horror media in general. American Horror Story, furry fandom, and so much more I just dont care to type right now -__-

<My Socials are linked, add me !

<I am the #1 Markiplier fan/srs

<I am a collector and artist. I have a fnaf collection built over a decade worth more than $30,000 and a MLP collection worth over $15,000. I also have a small but steady growing homestuck collection.

<My fashion cycles between emo, scene, punk, and 70s-90s fashion.

<I am also a wrestler for my highschool team and I kick ass

< >:333

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