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Thinking of sewing my own wolf hood hat thing, kinda like a spirit hood but more scene

Saturday Aug 21, 2021, 12:19 AM




Last online: 2-15-2022 6:37pm
  • Gender: i have no idea lmao (any pronouns!! :))
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♡Lps collector and furry!

♡Im a casual minecraft Youtuber fan, but dont worry I won't talk about it (im not one of those fans I swear)

♡ I'm happy to talk about anything, or listen if you need to vent! My dms are always open :)

♡ I'm not online super often but if anything is super urgent please message me on Instagram!

♡ I have no triggers or DNIs (minus illegal activities), so don't worry about accidentally saying something that would make me uncomfortable.

♡this is a safe space for everyone except MAPs and ZOOs.

♡All of my designs are free to use! Dont worry about asking me to use them (unless its a fursona beaded poster, please dont re-create those)

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