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Name(s)- Wolfe or Skye (whichever one is fine)

Pronouns- Xe/Xem and He/Him

Gender/Identity- Hell if I know- Transmasc I guess? I kinda am just me ya know? I do identify with a few xenogenders tho, mainly Wolf/Pupgender and Zombiegender

Sexuality- Gay Gay Gay very Gay and also possibly Demiromantic?? That or I just struggle with romantic feelings because of my autism cough cough

Age- 15

Hobbies- Drawing, Reading Webcomics, Cosplay, Kandi Making

Likes/Interests- Making and Drawing Ocs, Mega Furry, Webcomics, DDLC, MHA, Haikyuu, Sally Face, Minecraft, FNAF, YOI, Creepypastas

DNI- Basic shit (homophobia, transphobia, racist fucks), Dsmp supporters/followers/likers (don't try and argue just please do not interact/follow/friend me/whatever)

Other General Shit- Just some weird furry artist from a small town that likes crafty stuff. I enjoy making and roleplaying with ocs and generally making art friends! I don't really participate in fandoms much, I have a lot of interests that have.., less than favorable fandoms with a lot of gross shit that I prefer not to go near. I'm a little awkward but I love making new friends with similar interests so feel free to contact me on my socials (listed below) if you wanna befriend this loser lol.

Socials- TikTok- flutterbat_rulez | Discord- the!wolfman#5765

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