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Am I even real..

Monday Jan 17, 2022, 9:10 PM




Last online: 11-28-2022 9:01am
  • Gender: Non-Binary maybe (They/it/)
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Heyo! Joined 11/17/21, I’m in middle school and i identify as pansexual, and Non-binary

I really like:Animal Crossing,Minecraft, Snakez, Sanrio, Carebearz,fidget toyz (i actually need them and i dont act like those crazy fidget kids), Drawing, Kandi Obvi, Stuffiez etc.

DNI: Only wanna talk abt dsmp (like rlly big dsmp kidz, qUirKy kidz, ppl Over the agez of 18)

idk what else but I’ll add on later

Total Kandi right now:200

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