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Saturday Aug 28, 2021, 10:04 PM




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hi!! im arc :}

i originally joined this site just to make a few patterns for myself but I really like it here so I also post pictures! my current interests are pico's school, rhythm games, true crime, angry birds, and making kandi

my favorite artists rn are heccra, kmfdm, mcr, and lausse the cat. i also listen to green day, type o negative, the grinning ghosts, and one, nine inch nails, and a LOT more x) i'm always open to new music recommendations so please send me some!!

im also an artist so if you'd like to check out my art feel free to visit my newgrounds!!

twitter - @arctxicc & @yourhighnessarc

newgrounds - yourhighnessarc

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Transparent Mini Rotating Cuff!!
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Green Syringe Cuff <3
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New Perlers!
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