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Curr3ntly w0rk1ng 0n th1s 3p1c b4g by @p0lt3rgh0st // Currently working on this epic bag by @polterghost

Sunday Jun 6, 2021, 8:42 PM




Last online: 5-16-2021 9:46am

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h3ll0 1m k31th/4zt3r/bvg 31th3r 1z f1n3 :)

hello im keith/aster/ bug either is fine

1m 16 4nd my b1rthd4y 1s 0n 0ct0b3r 31st ( 1 4m 4 zc0rp10 )

im 16 and my birhtday is on oct 31 ( im a scorpio )

1 l1k3 t0 dr4w 4 l0t, k4nd1 1z r34LLy fvn t00 :)

I like to draw a lot, kandi is really fun too

1 l1zt3n t0 4 l0t 0f b4ndz, 1f y0v w4nt ch3ck 0v my pl4yl1zt

I listen to a lot of bands, if you want to check out my play list

1m m0ztly h3r4 f0r k4nd1 p4tt3rnsz 4nd t0 sh4re3 s0m3 0f my p4tt3rnz :) 1 d0 t4k3 r3qv3zt t00

im mostly here for kandi patterns and to share some of my patterns, i do take request to

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