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Alive and very, very gay

Thursday Apr 29, 2021, 5:45 AM




Last online: 6-23-2022 10:23am
  • Gender: whatever the hell pico from newgrounds has going on (xe/she/they)
  • Ur Mom’s Bedroom Closet, Usa
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Hey! We’re Jaeden and Julius, and we’re a system of two. We really like making kandi, and our favorite kind of cuff to make is rotator cuffs!

we like she-ra, fnaf, markiplier, toilet bound hanako kun, magnus chase, pjo, welcome to night vale, friday night funkin, picos school, hunter x hunter (NOT A HISOKA SIMP), minecraft, sally face, stardew valley, omori, undertale, deltarune, sk8 the infinity, moomin valley, (oh god there’s so much I’m stopping here)

(yes we are aware of the horrifying toxicity of the fnf fandom and we generally try to avoid it, we just love the game)

Moominvalley is a really big special interest for us right now I’m begging you talk to us about it

we’re ✨neurodivergent✨

obviously we’re queer af.

If you use xe/xem pronouns for us we will literally be so happy

we’re both minors, please don’t be creepy. you can pm us though if you want to be friends!

- Jaeden

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Undyne Undertale
  • 10
  • 1


Little Frog In A Floatie
  • 34
  • 3


Wizard Hat Frog!
  • 32
  • 1


Skool Kandi For Today!!!
  • 117
  • 3


Kokichi Cuff!! (flat)
  • 160
  • 0


Kokichi Cuff!!
  • 122
  • 0


Glamrock Freddy Rotating Cuff!!
  • 276
  • 2


MY FIRST UFO CUFF!!!!! (tw Sh Scars)
  • 200
  • 1


Everyday Singles
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